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Restaurant Software iMagic Restaurant Reservation

Manage tables and create bookings in seconds, view arriving customers and update status of bookings. iMagic Restaurant Reservation helps you to manage your reservations to you can get on with the business of running your restaurant.

Some features include, Visual Layout - for finding the most efficient layout of tables and visually selecting tables for bookings. Interactive reporting, allowing you to create targets and analyze results.

Using iMagic Restaurant is easy, allowing just about anyone to use the system straight away, no more wasted time training new staff. For more details and a free trial see our Restaurant Software website.

Hotel Software iMagic Hotel Reservation

Manage your hotel or bed and breakfast. Create bookings, manage rooms and view availability at a glance. iMagic Hotel Reservation takes the hassle out of reservation administration, allowing you to get on with running your hotel.

Some of the features include, linking in your website to take bookings over the internet. Management of customer details, allowing you to maximize repeat business. An Advanced Calendar, allows you to view availability graphically. Security logins allowing you to control who can access what features.

Our hotel software is designed to be very easy to use, from simple Wizards to an easy reporting system so just about anyone can use it. For more details and a free trial see our Hotel Software website.

Inventory Software iMagic Inventory Software

Create invoices, manage your inventory, customers and vendors. Create new invoices, quotes or POs, check stock availability and automatically create a database of your customers. iMagic Inventory makes your stock management easier, allowing you to spend your time elsewhere.

A few of the features include, easy creation of invoices including the ability to link into MS Word. Inventory tracking in Multiple Locations, with multiple Price Lists and Custom Fields. Full barcode support for almost all barcode scanners. Item Groups for selling kits or bundles of items. Automatic generation of reorder items. Security access, expandability, multiple users and interactive reporting.

Our inventory software contains a wealth of other features, please view our inventory software website for more details and a free trial version.

Kennel Software iMagic Kennel Reservation

Manage your boarding kennels and catteries. Allocate kennels and automatically create a customer database, helping you to create repeat business - but more importantly freeing up your time, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Features include, easy configuration using our unique Configuration Wizard. Taking and managing bookings for kennels. Pet History, including any medical or other conditions. Compatibility with existing MS Office products.

For more details please visit our kennel software website, including a free trial version.

fleet software iMagic Fleet Maintenance

Manage your vehicle fleet maintenance. Create scheduled work for repeated maintenance and automatically create work orders. Use the Schedule Calendar to view upcoming work orders and allocate resources. iMagic Fleet Maintenance helps you to stay on top of your maintenance work and helps to keep your fleet moving.

Some of the features include, Scheduled and Unscheduled maintenance allocation. Central vehicle database. Multi-user access. Fuel usage and logging. Interactive reporting and compatability with your existing MS Office software.

More details can be found on our fleet maintenance software website.

marina software iMagic Marina Reservation

Managing your marina or dock becomes a whole lot easier with iMagic Marina Reservation. Manage and book slips over time periods, automatically create a customer database when creating bookings and avoid double booking. iMagic Marina Reservation helps to save you time in your business.

Features include, Simple and Advanced Calendars showing the availability of slips of a period. Recording of Rail Slips, Length, Width, Power and other Notes. Recording of customer details as well as confirmation, guest and other requirements.

For a free trial version and more details please visit the marina software website.

tour software iMagic Tour Reservation

iMagic Tour Reservation helps you to manage your operator tours. From creating individual or repeating tours and dates, to booking customers on the tours. Our tour software automatically creates a customer database of your bookings, manifest lists and other tour details, keeping all tour details in one central place.

Features include, an easy 4 step booking system designed for anyone to use. Repeating scheduled tours, or individual tours. Charges and payments from customers. Easy configuration Wizard. Interactive reporting and compatability with your existing MS Office software.

More details and a free trial version can be found on our tour software website.